How to Change the World

Q. Talk to me about creating change in organizations, communities & nations and the impact of the Three Principles understanding in affecting change at this scale. Short Answer: Change happens in conversations. Long Answer: Organizations {or families or countries} are not static/stagnant collections of mechanical parts and moving pieces. They are LIVING systems, made up of people. An organizational/group culture is made up of the moment by moment thoughts and […]


Loss, Resilience and The Three Principles

Thought creates experience is NOT the same as how I think about it- am I an optimist, pessimist or realist etc.This is more foundational than that.
It’s not how you think about what happens to you but that you cannot EXPERIENCE it without Thought being involved.


The Art of Wondering


Whether it’s finding the right words to fire someone, navigating a complex business situation or how to have a difficult conversation with your teenage daughter- we are faced with an endless variety of challenges, problems and constraints.


Hard is Overrated

Somehow, around the world, we have come to the conclusion that striving, struggling against the current is the mark of a good, upstanding human being.


PRESS PLAY-The Myth of Status Quo

Status Quo is like a PAUSE button. You can’t get through a movie that way much less Life!
Whether you lead or follow, change is inevitable.
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EQ Nuggets

You can listen to the whole conversation and subscribe to Lian’s podcast here but in this post I wanted to excerpt and reflect on my favourite bits. This is part one, about resilience, freedom and the results of that in your life.



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SKILLS FOR THE FUTURE- A Manifesto for building the next generation of leaders

Young people are awesome. They can find solutions to many of the challenges facing them and our world.


We have a habitual way of treating & interacting with youth (in schools, homes, communities and national platforms) that creates a very good chance they will be sold on the story of jaded and powerless citizens by age 25.


A cubic centimeter of chance

It’s a rare moment when a world opens up to you that you hadn’t seen- or accepted- before. When someone recognizes a potential in you that you hadn’t noticed yourself.

It’s happened to me twice, this kind of distinct, forever memorable moment.


Simple Truths about Big Issues

We have a people problem– thinking of governments, organizations and other institutions as if they exist independent of the people in them- and therefore trying to make changes ‘to the system’ without really affecting the people in it.