womens economic forum 2017 mahima shrestha

Reflections on the eve of Women’s Economic Forum 2017



This is who I hang out with when I say I’m at work.

I work with individuals, organizations and communities across two major fronts: crisis response and culture change. This has given me unique insight into what it takes for people to “put down their arms”, open their ears and mobilize towards a brighter collective future.
From our many attempts at building bridges, envisioning better tomorrows and finding a way to talk and listen despite long-standing differences I have learnt one central lesson:

Ultimately, a harmonious world, a more innovative business and a happier life hinge on this
Human capacity to change our minds- to see things afresh, to re-calibrate and

take u-turns of the mind and heart.

We are a human ecosystem and much like ocean temperature and air quality we have a non-local impact on the people and systems we are connected to. In other words, the culture and systems we are a part of are a direct consequence/reflection of the way we think about ourselves, each other and the world.

Cultures, systems and problems don’t exist ‘out there’ in the world, independent of the people involved. The Human Infrastructure* is the linchpin that holds the status quo in place. And because minds are not machines or rocks, they can change in moments not years.

Harnessing the collective potential of a team, community, nation or world relies on each of us being willing to change deeply held assumptions about ourselves, each other and how the world works.

In every moment we can hold in place the status quo or offer something different.

*Human Infrastructure = the quality of mental performance and relationships between people in a team/community/family.


From 8th to 13th May, a rich confluence of over 2000 leaders and achievers from a 100+ countries will come together to participate in this global forum which values collaboration &celebrates open-hearted conversations in service of a more harmonious, prosperous and equitable world for all.

My first plenary session is on Creating Bonds between Boundaries and Faiths tomorrow, May 8th 2017. This year I will also be receiving an award:
WEF 2017 Award for Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All


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