Understanding something about how the human mind- your mind- works gives you an unfair advantage in the world. You get finely attuned to the source of stress and stuckness as well as the leverage points for truly thriving.

You begin to see how this invisible variable is at work at all times making your life harder or easier, unbearable or enjoyable, drab or thrilling. You see the implications this has for problem solving, resilience in the face of personal difficulty, helping others thrive, finding joy for life, building relationships that are rich and a life that is fulfilling.

Basically, you are your own best bet, worst enemy and wise teacher rolled into one. This is where you discover how to access more of that wisdom and less of the junk.




  • ONE ON ONE– anyone with the suspicion that they could be happier, life could feel easier and living could be more rewarding is welcome to come experience the truth of this for themselves. 
  • IN PAIRS– for couples, parents and kids, siblings, team mates, and co-leaders- this dynamic format is all about bringing out the best in each other. Each session will be an immersive experience of listening and speaking in a way that deepens connection, resolves conflict and frees you up to fully, freely, and fearlessly engage with each other. 
  • AS A GROUP– families, teams, communities and any collection of people who need to think, solve problems, face challenges and achieve outcomes together will benefit from this format that focuses on building core relational skills and facilitating deep peer-based learning. 

I recommend you start with a FOUNDATIONS package which gives us three months to work together- as many sessions as you need within that time to get the biggest shifts possible. It will be a mix of questions and quiet, sharing and silence- and a whole lot of fun. 

USD 1350

In person sessions available:

Kathmandu. London. Bristol. New Delhi.

Please get in touch for a preliminary call to see if this is right for you- I look forward to connecting.