Here is the full interview with friend and colleague Jamie Smart* on his podcast Your Exponential Practice Podcast. My favourite excerpts:

CURIOSITY is fuel for your business

It leads to 


and Connection

OPPORTUNITY and CONNECTION are the same thing. 

Full interview here.

Revelation #1 that transformed the level of performance (and success) I brought to my life: I didn’t know I didn’t have to believe everything I thought! If I got a bit stressed or overwhelmed I used to think it meant something about the project or about my life or about my capability. Realizing I’m feeling the results of temporary Thought and not predictions or facts about my life has been incredibly freeing.

We underestimate how much CONNECTION is central to IMPACT

{He asked me how I got into doing ‘transformational work’ with clients…i.e. working with people to change their lives for the better. Over the last year or so many of you have asked me this question. 🙂 So here’s an excerpt.} Whatever result I wanted for my clients, I realized there was something that could happen in their head that could either help them get there or despite any amount of training somehow interfere at the moment they needed it. And that really got my attention. So with crisis response for example- you can do drills and people can know all the right answers and still, under pressure and at a critical moment can do the dumbest things. And if we look at our own day to day life we do this kind of thing all the time. We don’t do things we know are good for us, we rehearse an answer but lose our cool when we need to deliver it, we panic and misread a situation…

So that’s how I got into transformation- because I kept wondering about what is it that

…that gap between information and results.

This invisible factor at work that swings the results one way or another I call the Human Infrastructure and in our work we also refer to it as State of Mind.

Full Interview here 

{*He’s also a No.1 Best selling author. His books CLARITY and RESULTS are faab if you haven’t seen them already}
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