1. You are the single most underutilized resource in your life and business.
  2. You have an in-built potential for success and high performance.
  3. The place to begin is the simplest and most profound question of all: who do you think you are?


Let me give you some good news- just because it seems hard to come by these days and I’m nice like that.


Simply by virtue of the fact that you were born a human being,

you come in-built with all this kit:

intelligence of every kind to help you navigate your way through life,

make good choices, work in harmony with others

and enjoy the heck out of it.

Trouble is, nobody tells you this explicitly.


So you are born a human who knows all of this experientially and uses it to get through those first few years on a planet where you know no one and nothing and has all kinds of strange rules- like don’t put shoes in your mouth and name everything you see.

And then, you get to forget all of it. So that by age 15 you are insecure and confused and unsure what the hell life is about (then a few decades later you get to be not-so-happy with life as it is and simultaneously terrified it will end!).

Needless to say,

all this time spent fretting and aching

is time spent away from living your full potential

which is the part I’m really interested in.

Human beings operating at full potential, bringing to bear their full internal resources to the world we live in is the only way to build innovative, harmonious, good-for-humanity families, communities, organizations and world. So helping people and organizations access and express their full potential is my full-time gig.



What if I told you that all of the creativity, resilience, boldness and enthusiasm for life you had when you were very young are not simply passing phases in an untamed mind but the natural state of a mind free from worry and frenzy?

In other words: what if all the happiness, mental clarity, ease and fun you are seeking in your life are not going to come at some later date when you work fewer hours or hire an assistant or complete your degree or meditate daily for 1000 days; what if all of this is available to you right now, built into the innate potential of your mind?

I know it’s hard to believe when you’re dealing with a maddening boss, a stubborn employee, a problem child, impossible deadlines…but here’s the thing:


Human beings have been

dealing with difficult things

since we first arrived on this planet

-famines and ice ages,

plague and hostile takeovers.

There is nothing in the human design

that is too fragile to handle



Lest you spend another year (or decade!) thinking yourself delicate and unable to handle modern life, let me re-introduce you (in 600 words) to the Superpowers that are your “factory settings”.

PS As a way to pay it forward, if you have access to a 5, 15 or 25 year old, tell them this too- they’re at the verge of forgetting! It’s a unique privilege being able to re-introduce people to themselves and their full potential.



You have a ton of superpowers that I am going to summarize in three words:




These three words are portals to access your deepest resources- the ones that get you through the toughest days, bring breakthroughs where you have been stuck for years and open doors where before there were walls.

As far away as they can seem from the world of deadlines and urgent solutions, these three are the only logical places to begin if you want breakthrough, sustainable change.

These are three things you must learn about yourself before you can unleash your full potential

– read them,

wonder about them

and get curious

about how they are manifesting your life right now.


You have an innate capacity for wellbeing


When you experience this for yourself you unleash creativity, enthusiasm and more guts than you thought you had.


High performance becomes an effortless side effect.

{Nepal’s only live event on this topic is taking place in Kathmandu in January 2017. Watch this space for stories of what happens in people’s lives and businesses when they harness the full potential of who they are}


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