A Fresh Start for your Relationship

  Wow- I just finished watching a recording of this webinar* with Chip and Jan Chipman of Vantage Consulting Group and it was so rich – like someone ran Defrag and CCleaner on my brain and simplified e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. again.   Early in the call, Chip said: After 48 years, we don’t really know each other – and I mean that in the best of ways! We’re open to seeing each other brand new.   This […]


Organizational Program Walkthrough

INTRODUCTION & PURPOSE This is Response #1 in a series of posts for Three Principles practitioners who have been asking about working with organizations- business, nonprofits, schools, development agencies. First things first- We are all colleagues and co-learners in this. Whatever story we might tell ourselves or whomever we might compare ourselves to, the truth is, we each come equally equipped with the same kit. This is just a watercooler for […]


Interview on Your Exponential Practice

Here is the full interview with friend and colleague Jamie Smart* on his podcast Your Exponential Practice Podcast. My favourite excerpts: CURIOSITY is fuel for your business It leads to  LISTENING and Connection OPPORTUNITY and CONNECTION are the same thing.  Full interview here. Revelation #1 that transformed the level of performance (and success) I brought to my life: I didn’t know I didn’t have to believe everything I thought! If I got a […]


The Human Infrastructure

UNDER YOUR NOSE An invisible factor at work that determines your results I remember a conversation with my grandfather that went like this: Him: What is the most crucial infrastructure to develop for a country to succeed? Me: Energy? H: No. Try again. M: Education? H: Close, but no. M: I give up. Tell me. H: The Human Infrastructure. If that is not developing in a healthy direction, everything else […]


EQ Nuggets

You can listen to the whole conversation and subscribe to Lian’s podcast here but in this post I wanted to excerpt and reflect on my favourite bits. This is part one, about resilience, freedom and the results of that in your life.


SKILLS FOR THE FUTURE- A Manifesto for building the next generation of leaders

Young people are awesome. They can find solutions to many of the challenges facing them and our world. BUT We have a habitual way of treating & interacting with youth (in schools, homes, communities and national platforms) that creates a very good chance they will be sold on the story of jaded and powerless citizens by age 25.