Resilience- A Trick of Mind

When you are not resilient You feel this big and the problem seems this big. When you are resilient, you seem this big and the problem seems this big So you see, resilience is less about problem size and more about Sense of Self


False Advertising

aka Getting fooled by your own thinking As you get close to a breakthrough -a nerve centre- it’s possible (likely) Something in you will f.r.e.a.k. o.u.t.


People, Potential and the Play of Life

I feel like in every conversation we have she is coaxing me to come out of a fixed way of seeing something. Encouraging me lightly, playfully, to join or rejoin the dance of life.


Entrepreneurial Spirit as the Key to Social Change

“All human beings have the inner capacity not only to care for themselves but also to contribute to increasing the wellbeing of the world as a whole.”



Having had the pure joy of meeting and experiencing a wonderful group of teachers who have become dear friends and colleagues I feel moved to share some of the gems I’ve learnt from them. These people have been well-wishers and safety nets of the brightest kind.


Love Letter to the Earth

When we understand and become aware of the great harmony, elegance, and beauty of the cosmos, we may feel great admiration and love. This is the most basic kind of religions feeling: it is based on evidence and our own experience. Humanity needs a kind of spirituality that we can all practice together


Innovation, Intervention & the Antidote to Collective Despair

A conversation that was meant to be about innovation and staying ahead of the curve but invariably became about humanity, violence and whether we’re going to stay ahead of this culture of anger we seem to be part of globally.



THE BRIGHT SIDE OF MISTAKES AND WHY YOU NEED TO MAKE MORE OF THEM We start out in life full of energy and curiosity, making more mistakes per minute than the average adult admits to making in a year- spilling, messing, falling- and learning at a phenomenal rate. Learning probably more than the average adult learns in 2-3 years. New languages, meanings, names, dance moves. All the while enjoying a […]


Service Opens Doors

Having heard (and thought) some version of this many times ever since I came across this understanding…and then having actually run a number of 3P programs over the past year, my perspective on this has shifted completely.


Who Died and Made You King?

This is a phrase we used to use in school as a retort towards any demonstration of leadership that we didn’t like. It had just enough edge to appeal to 15-year olds in a fiercely competitive high school.