From Problems to Peace

In light of recent events, it feels important for me to revisit OneSolution- what we saw and heard and felt there in terms of the power and potential of the principles to relieve human suffering and find a better way forward.


Creativity & Life

Creativity is one of those things that is fundamental to human beings. Actually, it’s fundamental to all living things- from the morning glory which knows how to get from the edge of my wall to the concertina 1 foot away to the puppy who finds ingenious ways to chew the tips of my favourite shoes without getting caught- creative genius is built into the fabric of life.


The Secret to a Juicy Life

Globe trotting development workers, iconic risk analysts and ground breaking authors all have a shared understanding for something they have encountered in their work and travels.


Finding your voice, freedom and the unknown

So to begin i should say that i have A LOT of thinking about writing a blog, and to be honest writing full stop! Is what I’m saying interesting, is it right/wrong, principles based blah blah blah. The amount of time it can take me to write a comment on facebook is laughable considering i generally never even post it


Living Life on Your Own Terms

Pretty much as far back as I can remember I’ve done things that were definitely NOT on my ‘should’ list. I’ve taken chances, reached out, tried something, failed and succeeded probably in equal measure- heartache and sweetness probably also in equal measure?


Light-heartedness, exuberance and trust

But whatever his weight in pounds, shillings, and ounces, He always seems bigger because of his bounces.


I Trust You Are Lions

All ignorance has been started by shepherds. Shepherds are for sheep. I trust that you are lions. Lions are not to be herded; wherever they go they are on their own track.