“Everything we do depends for its quality on the thinking we do first.”

Nancy Kline

At a time when we need the best and brightest of human thinking to solve the biggest challenges facing our industries and world, we continue to lose some of our best people to burnout, depression and cynicism.

Suicide, burnout, cynicism and anger are all signs of a human mind in distress. A distressed mind cannot solve the most pressing problems of our organizations, communities or planet.

That is why the conversation on doubling your impact as a trailblazer and leader must begin with a conversation on the true source of psychological distress, the nature of the human mind, and the reality of human potential.

Understanding something about how the human mind – your mind – works gives you an unfair advantage in the world. You get finely attuned to the source of stress and stuckness as well as the leverage points for truly thriving.

You begin to see how this invisible variable is at work at all times making your life harder or easier, unbearable or enjoyable, drab or thrilling. You see the implications this has for problem solving, resilience in the face of personal difficulty, helping others thrive, finding joy for life, building relationships that are rich and a life that is fulfilling.

Basically, you are your own best bet, worst enemy and wise teacher rolled into one. During these 3 days you will discover how to access more of that wisdom and less of the junk.




in how you see and understand
your role & contribution


replaces overwhelm as you answer
the question ‘what can I do?’


of wellbeing, resilience and creativity that will be indispensable in your role as a trailblazer


and perhaps even a spring back in your step!